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Golf / Groups and Society Outings


Golf Only prices per player:
9 holes w/day £20, w/end £25
18 holes w/day £40, w/end £50
36 holes w/day £50, w/end £60

Golf & Catering:

Packages for minimum of 12 golfers

PAR (18 holes, roll & coffee, Soup & sandwich) w/day £50, w/end £60

BIRDIE (18 holes, roll & coffee, 2 course meal) w/day £55, w/end £65

EAGLE (36 holes, roll & coffee, Soup & sandwich, 2 course meal) w/day £70, w/end £80

A party of 12 players or more would also receive:

A complimentary 4 ball voucher
A return to play card for only £15 to every player

Our Club Professional can provide nearest the pin and longest drive markers. A half-way house and other additional extras can also be made available on request. Tee off times are normally 09:30 for morning rounds and 14:30 for afternoon rounds. On competition days these times may vary. Buggies and trolleys are available to hire.

Course Dress Code
We want to convey a modern approach to our dress regulations, and hope that members, visitors, and guests will assist us in maintaining the standards expected both on the course and in the clubhouse.

1. On Course Golf Attire:

* Collared or collarless polo shirts or roll neck shirts which are recognised golf wear for both men and women are required.
* Golf-specific performance fabric trousers, shorts or skirts / skorts are encouraged.

2. On Course Footwear:
* Players MUST wear recognised golf footwear on the course.
* Golf shoes with soft spikes are recommended to protect the greens and provide proper traction.
* Spikeless golf shoes made with non-abrasive soles and athletic-style golf shoes that blend fashion and function are allowed.

3. Outerwear:
* Outerwear specifically designed for golf is preferred.
* Weather-resistant jackets and windbreakers are allowed and most likely required most of the year!

4. Headwear:
* Hats and visors are encouraged, especially for sun protection. All modern golf designs and branding are permitted.

5. Not Permitted:
* Blue denim jeans or trousers featuring designer holes or rips may not be worn while playing on the course.
* Football tops, football shorts, hats or any type of football colours are not permitted to be worn on the course or in the Clubhouse.
* No dirty outerwear is permitted to be worn in the upstairs of the Clubhouse.
* Golf footwear is not permitted to be worn in the main entrance hall or upstairs in the lounge area, however it is allowed in the member's bar

6. Special Events:
* For special events and tournaments, the dress code may be more specific or formal. Members and guests will be informed in advance.

7. Flexibility and Inclusivity:
* The dress code should be inclusive and considerate of diversity. Flexibility can be applied on a case-by-case basis while maintaining the overall sense of decorum.

8. Enforcement and Education:
* The dress code will be monitored by the Committee, and we would ask our members and guests to respect the dress code rules.