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It has been just over a week since our first communication over the Corona Virus and following on from the Government’s updated announcements made on Tuesday 17th March,I felt it was necessary to update you further. The Executive Committee along with Michael Brookes and Stuart Gowans met and discussed the potential impact on the Club,competitions, activities and events being planned over the next few months. Whilst no-one can predict the course of events that will take place, we can make plans for various scenarios and I have outlined our current proposals below.Course and Clubhouse Firstly and most importantly the course and clubhouse remains OPEN, operating our normal business hours, this also includes Opening Night and any upcoming competitions with some amendment to the way these are normally operated in relation to score cards and food being optional. We have put measures in place in relation to keeping our members and guests safe; for example we will now be leaving internal doors within the clubhouse with the exception of the toilets open, this will reduce the need for anyone to touch the handles and surfaces routinely and reduce the risk of any contamination. In the Bar and Restaurant you will note that the cutlery and condiments have been removed meantime and will only be brought to you should you require them. This allows our staff to continually clean the tables prior to use and again once the you have left them so they are again clean for the next person who wishes to use them. This will again reduce the risk of any contamination. We have ordered suitable hand sanitizer and it will be positioned on all tables for use by patrons.We are aware that some members may have underlying medical conditions or be in the age group that is deemed most at risk and may feel they do wish to continue to golf but do not wish to enter the clubhouse either before or afterwards, we understand and respect this. It is widely accepted that in the current climate that exercise is a massive benefit and is recommended for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Numerous articles have appeared in the written and online press confirming that Golf is one of the few sports where risk of catching Corona Virus is reduced as it is played in the open air, you can socialise on the course while remaining a minimum of 2 metres apart. There is no need to come into physical contact with your playing partners as we’ve seen there are alternatives to shaking hands if you feel this type of gesture is necessary. At a time where we are being discouraged from being in large groups, golf may give people the opportunity to get out of the house and exercise, socialise in a safe environment when perhaps they may otherwise feel isolated or suffering from cabin fever. Competitions In relation to competitions we will increase the timings between tee-off times to 10 minutes to assist in Social Distancing which has been a key recommendation of the UK and Scottish Governments. Players who wish to play in competitions will continue to use scorecards however their scores will be input as usual (ideally by one person in the group), we will provide sanitising wipes for use on the machine before and after use, the top 10 scores will be scrutinised by the match committee afterwards by requesting a photograph or image of the original cards. Scorecards will be retained by the player and not put into the box. Full details of any changes to the way competitions are run will be forwarded to participants and signage will be in place.

Proshop/Swing Studio

You will have noticed that work is currently well under way to complete the new Pro Shop in the old “visitors’ locker room” so that our new Swing Studio is available as soon as possible. Michael has advised that he has already adopted some new and improved cleaning practises to ensure that your experience in the Pro Shop is both enjoyable and completely safe. He has asked that where possible, payment is made using credit and debit cards contactless is preferable as it is widely known that cash is often a source for germs etc. Catering Stuart Gowans from Pentland View has already advertised new procedures via Facebook advising that he and his staff will operate in the restaurant to safeguard all patrons and provide the highest possible service while adhering to the new and improved food hygiene requirements.
As you will be aware this is an extremely busy time for Jodie in the office at fee time and we are asking our members where possible to pay over the phone to the Office or Pro Shop, or via bank transfer rather than in person. Again, we would ask this be done via bank card and not cash whenever possible. The office will be staffed by Jodie as usual between 9am to 1pm and there will be limited coverage in the afternoons by Christine Potter, obviously we would like to reduce and limit the number of persons within the office at any one time.Should you have difficulty with any of the above options please leave a voicemail message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. It is possible that at any time, the Government may change their advice (which could become a legal instruction) and this will of course override any decisions we have made thus far. For example, in the last few hours it has been announced that Schools and Nurseries will close as of Friday. We will continue to monitor the government advice as it emerge and take any decisions or actions that are appropriate to safeguard the Health and Wellbeing of our staff, members and guests. I hope that this provides some reassurance and clarity on the steps that have become necessary in view of current events and you can rest assured we will closely monitor the situation to ensure that there is minimum disruption to the members and guests of the club.Lastly I offer my best wishes to you and your family and hope you remain safe and hope tos ee you on the Golf Course in the near future.

Paul Corner

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